18 Nov

Today for the first time I went to the Mystical Fae Forest. This Sim is stunning and worth a visit for all you photographers. There are parts of the forest which can be way too bright but, at the landing point of this sim, you can grab a Windlight Hud on the greeter board. Be aware the Hud is Rlv so you will have to have it on. There are 3 of the 12 windlights given that are recommended to use in the sim, but I say play around with them all. Each Windlight brings a different mood to the sim. Another great thing about this sim is that you can rez, for me this is a important since it allows me to rez my anypose and any other props I may need for a shoot. This is a perfect place for who likes to take mystical, whimsy photos.


SLurl : Mystical Fae Forest

Hair : Stealthic - Fleeting (blondes)

Outfit : Asteria - Taylor Shirt (Sugar)

                           Tayor Skirt (Sugar)

Accessories : AvaWay - Roxy Necklace

Kibitz - Lloru's rings (Gold)

N21 Event (October event exclusive)

Astralia - Compatible nails system (Pack 1)

Lueur - Gel Finish - Astralia nails applier 

Equal 10 event (October event exclusive)  

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