The End

21 Nov

Corruption is one of the most beautiful sims I have gone to and well worth my 500l membership fee at the enterance (fee comes with rez rights just use the tag). If you are looking for a place to take amazing pictures, this is it. I see picture potential in every corner of this sim. Very well put together sim, just a nice lush environment. As for this photo I know it seems a little cold but I have this thing about music inspiring me to take photos and this was one of them. Usually my work is based off of how i am feeling, and this church at Corruption with the help of the music video "be careful" allowed me to express how I was feeling today.

* Credits *

Slurl: Corruption

Hair : Mina Hair - Monique (light blond)

Outifit: Tee*fy - Kiara Blazer (black)

Villena - Pencil skirt (black)

Accessories: Supernatural - Elsa Bracelet

Limit 8 Event (November event exclusive)

Kibitz - Yazil Rings (gold)

N21 Event (September event exclusive)

AvaWay - Roxy Necklace

Astralia - Compatible nails system (Pack 1)

Swallow - Princess Ears

Kunst - Old Cigarette Holder

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